How To Fix QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors?

Does it look like you’re cursed with errors arising while you update QuickBooks on your desktop? don’t panic, we are here to assist. This blog is all about providing general troubleshooting information for fixing QuickBooks Desktop update error.
If your Desktop shows any of the errors 12045, 12157,12038 or 12037 while you’re updating QuickBooks, the very initiative is to enter the error number within the search field then you’ll proceed with the mentioned solutions.

Solution 1: Review the system update and time on the pc
The update process are often interfered with an incorrect date and time. to see the system update and time on your computer you’ll follow these steps.

  • Go to your system clock, right-click and adjust Date/Time.
  • Select the Change date and time and mention the right date and time.
  • Click OK twice.
  • Then close the QuickBooks desktop and open it again.
  • Run the update of QuickBooks Desktop again.

Published by campsintuitcom

QuickBooks is an accounting software designed by Intuit, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps in managing your sales and expenses and allows you to keep track of daily transactions. While using QuickBooks, we add multiple companies, or we purchase a number of QuickBooks products. All these require you to manage your QuickBooks account.

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